Music Bio


Comparable to current chart topping singers, Wy Mac’s strong vocal abilities and charming, charismatic personality set her apart from other young artists today. Not your average teenager, this fiery young woman is one worth looking out for!

With a glittery Pop/Rock sound, Wy Mac is coming into her own without compromising her beliefs yet still being a part of this generations compelling artists on the rise. Fun, colorful, creative with a fresh new sound to match, Wy Mac is set to take the Industry by storm. Her music borders modern pop with an urban throwback vibe that will appeal to the masses along with clever, sassy, slick lyrics that reminds young women coming of age to have fun, enjoy life and not succumb to constant peer pressure.

Born and raised in Las Vegas, Wy Mac has always known that after God, music was her greatest passion. She grew up listening to a wide variety of singers and continues to draw inspiration from them all the while aspiring to be a role model to her young fanbase.

From a young age, Wy Mac’s love for music has driven her to perform and seek opportunities to explore her musical creativity. As an artist, she steps outside the boundaries of pop music, dipping into hip-hop and even rapping from time to time. Her love for various types of music has provided inspiration for her unique sound and continues to influence her abilities as a performer, motivating Wy Mac to push past typical musical limits and define herself as a fearless, diverse artist.

Wy Mac is also a hardworking and naturally gifted songwriter. Pulling from her own personal experiences, she gives her songs an authentic quality that makes her music easy for fans to relate to and enjoyable to discover. Her music reflects her personal positive outlook on life, encouraging her listeners to appreciate their lives and live everyday to the fullest.

Pursuing her passion not only as a singer but also a highly sought after makeup artist and hair stylist she brings her talents all over the world from Las Vegas to Ireland – and in between, sharing her natural gift of music with a growing number of fans. As she performs for audiences and continues to work towards a lasting career in music, Wy Mac is quickly becoming someone people recognize and want to hear more from.

Constantly working on her music, there is much more to come from this rising star. With an undeniable God given talent and a rarely found down-to-earth personality, Wy Mac is an artist worthy of looking out for, as she will soon be hard to miss.